Further I submit that all the Kidney Patients need to buy most of the Medications lifelong. The Disposables, Injection used for the Kidney Patients are very Expensive Eg; a Pocket of 100 tablets called Ketostrill is Rs 3500/- a patient need 3 pkts a month before initiation of Dialysis. A bottle of Sevecar containing 100 tablets is Rs2200/- a dialysis patient needs 4 bottles a month. Injection of 0.3 ml called Mercera is Rs 9656/- they prescribes once a month, and the Disposables like dialyser is Rs 850/-, Inj. Pegasis is 12000/- a vial, they prescribes 4 a month for 6 months for Hepatitis C, all these apart from the expensive drugs to be used after kidney transplant, but the so called Nephrologists practising at the private hospitals are stone hearted that, they never considers the poor socio economic status of the Patient because all these medicines can be Provided by the Govt Free of cost like the Hospicio Hospital, all this because, it is the multimillion dollar Kick back dealings between them and the Pharmaceutical company concerned. One will be surprised that a drug company serving them approached the undersigned to present a Honda City car for the use of their company injection EPO for 2 yrs, this speaks volumes of the quantity of kickbacks one will be getting.

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Mian aim of "Prashanti Mandir Dialysis Foundation " is to provide Free Dialysis leading to Free Renal Transplants for the needy all over the country. Regards 

Mohan, NY Citizen

Good Evening ! Dr Venkatesh you are only ONE IN THE UNIVERSE LIVING ANGLE SENT BY GURU HARKRISHAN SAB JI You are BLESSED WITH MIDAS TOUCH FOR PATIENTS that is my personal experience how you treated n pampered BABU and hundreds of patients personally during Dialysis. You are AN EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL & GREAT BLESSED HUMAN BEING BY ALMIGHTY KOTI KOTI PRANAM TO YOU 🙏 Dr. A. Gulati Former Counselling Head A.I.I.M.S. Delhi

Dr. A. Gulati Former Counselling Head A.I.I.M.S. Delhi

Good Evening ! Dr Venkatesh GREAT... Better Than Many of Us who are Only for their Own BUT DR VENKATESH IS AN EXCEPTION BY GOD’S  BLESSINGS  🙏